Pongal Kolam 2019 Designs with Dots Step by Step

By | January 4, 2019

Pongal Kolam 2019 Designs with Dots Step by Step

Pongal kolam 2019 Design with dots step by step: The Makar Sankranti is a very popular Hindu festival celebrated across India by different names across the country.That is Pongal, Uttarayan, Maghi, Lohri. Designing colorful and beautiful Rangoli patterns is a special part of this festival. During Makar Sankranti, you can see amazing and big beautiful rangoli designs in almost every Hindu house.Esiest Designs of Pongal kolam 2019 design with dots step by step is given below.

AlThough Rangoli can be of any type, pattern and design , that is vessel shaped Rangoli designs play a special role in the Sankranti. The art form itself precedes beautiful sculpture and painting. Hindus consider it very auspicious and a preliminary necessity in Makar Sankranti rituals. The idea behind the Rangoli during Makar Sankranti is to reveal the inner beauty and to acquire auspiciousness. Here are some beautiful ideas about Pongal kolam 2019 design with dots step by step. The forms or patterns that you can see during Makar Sankranti are very symbolic. You can also see both dry and wet rangoli designs during this special festival as it is believed to be the first step to conduct any auspicious ceremony as its beauty and intricate designs hold many prayers and the sheer reverence. Females finds in themselves the passion to draw and design different images of Gods and Goddesses, lotus, flowers, peacocks, abstract designs, geometric patterns, and many more – using their hand. But some time it is difficult to draw. in that case you can take help of Pongal kolam 2019 design with dots step by step. It is said that rangoli on the entrance to your house is the harbinger of good luck, prosperity, and many years of happiness.

Pongal Kolam 2019 Design With Dots Step by Step

The Pot Rangoli Pongal Kolam Design: This is a small Pongal kolam 2019 design with dots step by step which has done using 64 dots in the rangoli. This is the special attractive kolam pot design of the rangoli which is the best option for the Pongal season. Only white colored sand is used to fill the dots and if needed you can mix different colors too. Get this beautiful design to celebrate your pongal season.

The Dots Pongal Kolam Design Sometimes family members likes to design a rangoli together so this pongal dot kolam will be a good choice to make creativity on this pongal season. Six pots and the middle flower simple Pongal kolangal with dots can utilize your good family time together on board. In front of house you can try these white dotted art.

Pongal Kolam 2019 Design With Dots Step by Step

The Happy Pongal Design: this is easy Pongal kolam 2019 Design with dots that gives a positive look to someone who enters your house. Next, to door this pot design with the quote “Happy Pongal” can easily express your wishes to the receiver. Try this design with help of mixed colored too.

The Welcome Pongal Rangoli Design Pongal comes with good luck and the beginning of cheerful harvest season. So , Get your Pongal kolam design with dots pictures rangoli to explore prosperity. This art is a welcome greeting to everyone coming to the house. This type of rangoli design is the beginning of new good thought in our life. Try this beautiful pot design of Pongal rangoli design.

The Margazi Kolam Rangoli: This is the sandupolli kolam of rangoli which is an old fashioned famous in the polam occasions. This is easiest form of Pongal kolam 2019 design with dots step by step. This consist 13-5 pongal kolam with dots. Three stars and three flowers gives very attractive look for design. Differently colored with unique way of pattern can easily give a catchy touch for rangoli.

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