Pongal Kolam 2019 Images , Pictures | Pulli Vacha Kolam Book

By | January 2, 2019

Pongal Kolam 2019 Images, Pictures, Book

Pongal Kolam 2019: There are several types of the Pongal Kolam designs and Pongal Kolam Images. There are various line kolams, where there is the free handly drawing of lines to draw a geometrical pattern. Pulli (dots) are arranged in such a specific sequence and order & these pullis are also joined to make some pictorial designs. You can see this Pongal Kolam 2019 Images, Pictures Below. In this pulli kolam type, there is another type of forming that is twisted chains by linking one loop with the next loop & forming wonderful beautiful designs with the basic pattern. This is called as Chuzhi kolam.

The Makar Sankranti is a very popular Hindu festival celebrated across India by different names across the country. That is Pongal, Uttarayan, Maghi, Lohri. Designing colourful and beautiful Rangoli patterns is a special part of this festival. Pongal Kolam is very important part of festival. Therefore Women are always searching for Pongal Kolam 2019 Images, Pictures. So that by looking at these Pictures they can draw best Pongal Kolam 2019. During Makar Sankranti, you can see amazing and big beautiful rangoli designs in almost every Hindu house.

Pongal Kolam 2019 Images | Pulli Vacha Kolam Book

AlThough Rangoli can be of any type, pattern and design , that is vessel shaped Rangoli designs play a special role in the Sankranti. The art form itself precedes beautiful sculpture and painting. Pulli Vacha Kolam is one of the easiest form of Pongal Kolam 2019 Images. Therefore many girls and women want to Draw Pulli Vacha Kolam 2019 Designs. If You are Searching for Pulli Vacha Kolam Book then you can Download this book from the Internet. Hindus consider it very auspicious and a preliminary necessity in Makar Sankranti rituals. The idea behind the Rangoli during Makar Sankranti is to reveal the inner beauty and to acquire auspiciousness. The forms or patterns that you can see during Makar Sankranti are very symbolic.

You can also see both dry and wet rangoli designs during this special festival as it is believed to be the first step to conduct any auspicious ceremony as its beauty and intricate designs hold many prayers and the sheer reverence. Females find in themselves the passion to draw and design different Pongal Kolam 2019 images of Gods and Goddesses, lotus, flowers, peacocks, abstract designs, geometric patterns, and many more – using their hand. It is said that rangoli on the entrance to your house is the harbinger of good luck, prosperity, and many years of happiness.

Pongal Kolam 2019 Images | Pictures

The kolam is drawn with many varieties of materials such as rice powder, rice paste, marble powder, colored powders, leaves, and flowers. The kolam mainly consists of dots and lines that together form a beautiful meaningful design. Usually, a grid of dots numbering from 6 to 108 is used for drawing this kolam. Various Dot Rangoli Designs Provided in Pulli Vacha Book.  These points are joined with the straight and curved lines or else, the lines will go round the points resulting in the design consisting exclusively of many curved lines.

Pongal Kolam 2019 Images with Dots Step by Step

The Plates, Boxes are also available with the designs with the holes provided. When this is filled with the kolam powder & tapped on  ground, you can have a lovely kolam. The Rollers are also available. With these, you can just roll it up & draw the very basic lines, & use your creative imagination to execute a beautiful kolam of your choice. If you are facing difficulties to draw new Designs of Kolam, Then look at these Pongal Kolam 2019 Images, Pictures and get Idea to draw new Pulli Vacha Pongal Kolam Designs for 2019.

The Sankranti Rath (chariot) is a very typical Pongal kolam. The ropes of these rath are supposed to kept open till the next day ,  they are joined from houses to houses to symbolize a special collective desire to realize an uninterrupted cosmic cycle. There are quite a few very innovative designs such as the elephant, one with the carpet design,The Pongal designs with sugarcanes and the overflowing pots and complex geometrical patterns with messages of ‘Happy Pongal’, ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank You’.


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